Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5K Pace Work

Monday was the usual easy mileage up Woodland and home via Vermilion road. I felt very content running my 8:00's throughout the whole loop. Once I get into that pace things just click and I feel the "recovery" happening as the miles go by.
Another beautiful morning in Duluth.

Total: 1:05:00 8 miles

This morning was back to UMD's track to get in some 5K pace work. The workout was 8-10 400's at 5K pace and 3 X 200 meter to finish it out.
I did 9 X 400 meters. Average: 76 seconds
Ended with 2 X 200 at 33 seconds
Warm and warm down completed the day.
I was surprised to have me legs feel as fluid as they did. There were a couple of repeats where I had to hold back to keep the pace down. (that's always a good feeling!)
My 'gerd' got the best of me on the warm up and I almost had to scrap the entire morning, but magically it settled down after the first repeat. Interesting.

Total: 10 miles

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SteveQ said...

I thought your comments on Chad's blog about the Daniels' marathon schedule were interesting; I'd never thought of it as time-consuming, being based on two hard workouts per week. You got me looking at it again and he does say that if one runs more than 50 miles per week, one should run twice per day. That is indeed time-consuming!