Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mix Terrain

Yesterday morning was a tough one for me. I had sat on the futon downstairs approaching 45 minutes before I decided to drag my carcass outside to run a bit. I was just plain ol' tired. No reals aches or pains. Just tired. I managed to get in the loop out to Martin road and back via a small loop on UMD. Glad I made it out.

1:00:40 8 miles

This morning I was joined by Erik K and that was a nice surprise to have him around the area again. We ran from his house and linked some trail systems before making the return trip via asphalt. Some of the trails are decent and others are still a mess. My legs felt good and this little nagging right, medial knee discomfort was mostly gone today. I self massaged it yesterday and caused it to let go of some tension it was causing me. I'll have to closely monitor that one.

1:22:00 9.7 miles

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Way to get the old carcass off of the futon and out on a run:) Awesome job on the eight miler!!