Sunday, April 4, 2010

Partnership Is Nice

The daily grind of running takes me out the door in the early morning hours during the weekdays. I can't (and don't blame) coerce any other runners to join me for some reason. (It's only 5am!) So, to have some running partners on my Sat and Sun runs sure is a nice change. I had the pleasure of having a running companion two days in a row with Tony S. joining me for a bit over 15 miles this morning. I made the attempt to run some prior to him joining me and thus only had to add a mere 1.5 miles at the end to get my mileage.

We did a rolling hills outer Woodland, rural route that took us out to West Tischer and returning to the city limits via Hawks Ridge. We both were feeling decent and the time went bye without too many hitches. I was happy to get in another good long weekend of running. Next weekend will be the progression run of shorter distance.

Totals: 2:31:24 20 miles (7:34 average)

Weeks Total: 74 miles
Years Total: 709.4 miles

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
You are right, it is nice having someone to run with. It sure makes the time go by faster and there is someone else with you to help you stay on task:) You had a nice long run with a great pace!