Thursday, April 15, 2010

Foggy Morn

Yesterday I managed to feel very good after the windy run on Tuesday morning. I added a little mileage to the loop by making my way out to Rice Lake Rd. I have avoided that part of the loop since they repainted the lanes and messed up the pedestrian lane. It's actually very dangerous to run on that section since the cars don't really watch out for runners, but I managed to skip my way down the road without incident. I finished the last three miles with Jen Houck who is off to run her second marathon in Boston on Monday. She looks and feels confident about her race. Good luck!

Total: 1:01:00 8.2 miles

This morning was foggy and warm. I didn't have a real workout planned for today, just mileage with a few striders to wake up the legs. Out and back on West Skyline was the route of choice and man did my legs feel like shit! Not too sure why. Maybe just one of those days? For the rest of the day I will concentrate on fluids and getting in some good nutrition and see if that helps.
Skunks are out at full force, as the entire out and back had odors of skunk stink. Yuk!

Total: 1:13:20 10.5 miles
8 X 30 second stiders at 5K

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Julie said...

What is it with the skunks? I am so glad that I havn't met one running yet:)