Thursday, April 1, 2010

Denny Dr

Under near full moon light I ran my mid week easy run after Tuesday's uptempo workout. The miles clicked bye and my legs felt very good. I overdressed a few layers as I failed to see the morning temperatures at 50F! Oops.

1:00:00 8.2 miles

This morning I had the pleasure of hitting some hills that were steep! After a decent warm up I settled on running Denny Dr. I am so terrible at estimating inclines but this hill is steep. This is my third week of hill repeats and I am starting to feel some strength being built. The repeats felt as good as hill repeats can feel. You know the feeling of burning quads, lungs and a heartbeat that feels like it is going to beat right out of your chest! Yep, that was how I felt. The repeats were 7 X 40 seconds uphill and a jog down, then repeat.
I finished with a nice warm down in the Hunters Park neighborhood.

1:11:15 9.4 miles

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Nice work on your run! Yea, I am so not jealous of your hill repeats:) No, I am not! You are a better person for doing them:) Have a good one!