Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ripple in Training. All is Good.

A quick recap of the rest of the week.

Wednesday was the usual easy mileage up Kenwood and Skyline. Felt good. No issues to complain of except a little twinge in the left achilles. What up?
Total: 59:07 8 miles

Thursday I woke up with the left achilles a bit tight and I had hill repeats on the schedule. Not the best workout to perform with a bum achilles. Best to rest. My plan was to do an hour of easy mileage but that busted and I took a zero for the morning. Probably good to let the achilles rest some anyway.
Off to Bon Jovi tonight!!
Total: 0

Friday I woke up after being up for near 22 hours yesterday and I took our son to preschool and then hit the roads for my run. I did this on measly 4 hours of sleep. Out and back on Skyline. I actually felt really good.
Totals: 1:32:30 13 miles

Saturday was a trail run with my wife in the Porkies back at my parents house. A nice easy run. Sure was great to run with Kari.
Total: 1:05:00 7 miles

Sunday was my progression run. I ran 30, 30, 30 with cut-down pace. Felt really good.
Paces: 30 minutes: 7:39 pace
30 minutes: 6:49 pace
30 minutes: 5:56 pace
Total:1:31:45 13.6 miles

Weeks Total: 60 miles
Years Total: 769.4 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Oh my God, did you really get to go see Jon Bon Jovi!?! I am so jealous:) Tell me what you thought of the concert:)

Gregg said...

The concert was great. I never got to see them in the prime years, my prime years of partying as well, and it was worth the trip. I am a bit smarter these days, hence the vacation day on Friday. Believe me, I needed the extra time to recover.

Julie said...

Way too funny:) Do you feel like you are getting old? I remember in the good old days I could easily live off of three hours of sleep a night! Yea, not so much anymore. I am glad that you had a good time:)