Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain Is Good

Friday I managed to get out and dodge the raindrops. There was a bit of mist when I left the house and it proceeded to give me hits of sprinkle throughout the hour run. This marked the first official morning run in shorts. It seems like my threshold is near 45 F as long as there is no serious wind off the lake.
I had a good loop and wasn't too tired from yesterday's 800's.

Total: 59:16 8 miles

This morning I managed to touch base with one of Duluth's most successful High School runners of yesteryear when I connected with Nic Matack. I mentioned to him what I would be running and that got him interested enough to join me. We had a wonderful run that started on trails and we eventually moved out to the roads as the trails were a bit greasy. Duluth managed to get some good rain out of the last two days and things will be really getting green soon.
My legs felt really good and I am ready for tomorrow's long run. It will be my first serious long run in a few weeks and all I need is the wind to work with me and not be kickin at 30 mph!

Total: 1:28:00 11 miles

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Congrats on a impressive week of running!! Oh my goodness, the wind kicked my butt today!! I think it is pretty cool that you were able to run with this Nic guy...sometimes it is nice to have someone to run with:) Have a great long run tomorrow!