Sunday, May 23, 2010

SHT Recovery

To run or not to run? That was the question of the morning. I took my time deciding and eventually took it to the trails for an easy hour or so. The first five minutes were a bit stiff and once I hit the trailhead I knew that was where I belonged today. Days like today are usually a bit challenging as far as grinding it out most of the run with tired legs. I find that if I make it past thirty minutes then usually I start to feel better and will thank myself after the run for doing a good job at flushing out the crap from my muscles. The key to a run like this is EASY.

Running the single track, especially the SHT, makes it an easy decision to keep the pace very controlled. I like it that way. Today I managed to do a small loop in Hartley, make my way to the SHT spur trail down to Hawks Ridge and back, then finish up on the roads. One more easy, recovery-type day Monday and then back to work.

Total: 1:09:45 8.4 miles

Weeks Total: 60 miles
Years Total: 1169 miles

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