Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marathon Tempo Time Trial

This was my first type of run of this nature. I had mixed and matched some pieces of this workout in buildups of past but this was going to be interesting and fun.
I was to do a 20K marathon style tempo workout. What does that mean? Here is what my assignment was.
Ready myself for a quick pace right off the line, about 20-30 seconds slower than predicted marathon pace and then have the last 10k or so AT or just quicker than marathon pace. Check! Complete!
I had one of those kick ass training type days and this people is the reason to keep on training on the hard, tougher days. It's days like this that help soften the blow of a less than desirable race result. I've often said the journey to the marathon starting line can, and is often more enjoyable than the race itself. I got to run this workout under sunny skies with just a tad of a headwind heading towards the finish line of the Gary Bjorklund half marathon. (that was the course I ran today)

Here is how the workout unfolded:
I loosened up a bit at the car and started what I thought would be a warm up mile before starting to really pay attention at the mile split. Well, the first mile was a 6:21. That would be the slowest mile of the morning.
6:21, 6:10, 6:07, 6:18, 6:14, 6:03, 6:03, 5:54, 5:42, 5:55*, 5:44, 5:42, 5:48
*lemon drop hill
-the only concern is a tight upper ham, glute muscle I develop under a bit of stress. it worries me because I can see this being a problem in the latter miles of a marathon. i guess a little extra stretching and exercises may be warranted.

Total: 1:19:16 13.2 miles

Weeks Totals: 68 miles
Years Totals: 1034.7 miles


Julie said...

Way to rock it Gregg! Holy crap were you going fast:) Nice work!

I was in Duluth today and took a walk on the Canal Park Trail. You have no idea how bad I wished that I had brought my running gear:) It was a gorgeous day to be running up in your neck of the woods.

Dave Schuneman said...

Thursday should be a great environment for a race like it. Have fun, good luck, & turn 'em over!