Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girly Drinks

I know I am going to get crap for this for some time and I guess I deserve it. Cosmopolitans are girly drinks. What!? I have to have an excuse so here it goes. I think it started by having a sip of a drink my wife or sister was drinking. I liked it so the next time we went out I ordered a Cosmo. Nobody said a word! That's not my fault. Only thing worse is, I ordered it again last Friday night and the server was a bit confused as to who ordered the "girly drink". Wow, what a putz.... Never again.

On a training front I had a pretty miserable morning on Monday. On Sunday I would have never thought that the run took that much out of me, but I was sore in the low back and my lower legs, ie, calves mostly, were way tight. Tight to the point of being tingly all day at work. I was worried I had pinched a nerve in my back someway. I ran an easy hour loop and made the best of a stretching routine.

Total: 1:01:00 8.1 miles

This morning I woke up to rain. Steady little drizzle that made one wonder what to wear. I knew I was going to get wet, but the goal was to put it off as long as possible into the run. I decided wearing a light long sleeve shirt under a new Eddie Bauer First Ascent rain jacket I had bought a month ago. It kept me dry from the outside, but I sweat so much I ended up wet by the runs finish. I stayed warm, and it served as a good wind barrier with the winds howling out of the NorthEast. My legs felt 100% better and I was on the edge of doing some light speed repeats. I tried 5 or 6 and things just didn't feel as I would have liked so I aborted the effort and just ran mileage. Overall, a good decision and a good run.

Total: 1:17:00 11 miles


SteveQ said...

You're supposed to order drinks with a woman who's into scotch/rocks and then just trade! I won't make fun of you - I'm not fast enough to run away.

roughkat said...

Order a vodka cranberry instead and ask to go easy on the cranberry. I think it's the pink color in the martini glass that makes it girly.

Julie said...

Ha ha, this is so funny! I ordered an apple martini and my hubby took a sip:) He ended up liking it and he orders them all of the time now! His drink has also been put in front of me. I give him a hard time...he really doesn't care:)

Are you running in the Medtronic 1 mile tomorrow? I am running it...I have been terrible this week! Can you say slacker? It might be ugly for me:)

Have a good one Gregg!