Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Power Of Wind

I was pressed for time. I had a 0700 work meeting and I had pushed my workout off until Friday because of an extra day of recovery after last weekends 24. The night before was a good one and I made it to bed by 2130. When the alarm rousted me at 0425 I actually felt rested and busted out of bed and down to the basement. I find it amazing that it took me close to a half an hour to get out of the house. By 0455 I was on the streets and knew the warm up would be cut short. After two miles reached in near 15:00 I hit the split on my watch and proceeded to work into my first interval of 2 miles. It was very tough with a direct headwind that felt like gusts of 30 mph! It was at this point I realized to really focus on effort and not worry too much of what the watch said. The interval ended and I did my 4 minute jog and started working into the next interval and turning near the one mile mark and completing the interval with the wind. The last one was completely with the wind. A nice warm down and I made it home in some 70 minutes.
Here is a breakdown:
2 mile warm up 15:06
3 X 2 miles with 4 min rest
1: 11:13 5:40 pace
2: 10:57 5:32 pace
3: 10:29 5:16 pace
1.7 mile warm down 14:41 uphill

Total: 1:10:31 10.6 miles

The feeling of fatigue was overwhelming. Both Kari and I had this feeling on and off most of the week. I chalked it up to some virus that was causing us to feel like the living dead with headaches.
Once I got the energy I made my way to the trails and kept the pace easy and looped Chester Bowl and Rock Hill before making my way home. A super slow, easy run that i was happy i didn't skip.

1:01:55 7.3 miles

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