Saturday, May 22, 2010

Northern Lakes 10 Miler

First the last part of the work week.
Thursday I had to get out and do a short run with some type of pick-ups just to get the legs turning over. I have had this terrible pain in the butt/upper hamstring. Yeah, the point where the hamstring and glutes meet and insert on the pelvic floor. I have talked to many others whom suffer the same pain in the butt. I am now loaded with extra exercises and stretches to fix this and I hope it works.
Thursdays run was OK and I managed to get out and do a sunny Skyline Blvd. out and back along with 9 striders of 20+ seconds at 5 min./mile pace. My legs are feeling good, except the butt thing.

Total: 8.3 miles 1:00+

Just get out the door. I ran an easy half hour loop through the cemetery and return via Vermilion road. My legs felt much better this morning and I am feeling a bit more fluid. Off to the Northern Lakes 10 miler in White Bear Lake after work.

Total: 30:00 4 miles

I have read the results of this race of years past and have seen some rather quick times. I had my eye on the 40 year old record set by Dan "digger" Carlson which he ran in 54:14. I knew if I had a good day that would be possible.
The day was one of cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 60's and very humid. After the instructions and the horn blowing we were off and the first few miles pace seemed a bit quick but yet comfortable. I should have known but it was too fast for me. The first time, and the last time, I looked at the gps for pace it showed 5:10's and I was breathing like it was 5:10's. I made a conscious effort to slow down and the side stitch made it easier. After I made that decision it took a good three miles to get comfortable and ready to push again. After the 6th mile passed I was soon knocked back to 3rd place after trailing Wynn Davis by a mere 5 or 10 seconds. I was still slowing at that point and when I was knocked back to 3rd I made an effort to go with him and see how the stomach stitch would fair. I took a gel at 6 miles and it was starting to help me and I even entertained the idea of taking 2nd place back for a mile or so. When we hit 8th mile both 1st and 2nd place took it up a notch and I was falling back. It was then I decided to go for broke and turn up the heat myself and see how I could close. The last two miles were passed in 5:28, and 5:27 respectively. A good finish after running some 5:35's in the middle. When I broke the line I saw 55:17 and was pleased. To hang on to 5:25's for the age group record may have been a bit too aggressive, at least I gave it a go.
After a little cool down and some recovery aid my legs felt fair. Sunday may not be more than an hour or so but I am feeling pretty good of my efforts today.

So far in the new age category I am 2-0. Soon that may end but I am living it up while it lasts...

Totals: 14 miles
10 mile race: 55:17 3rd overall, 1st 40-49 age group.


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I won't even ask about the butt thing:)

Congrats on a fantastic 10 mile race! I really don't know how you do it! Seriously, I know that you are the fastest male runner blogger that I follow! Holy crap, you took 3rd place overall and 1st for your age group!! Nice work! You must be feeling pretty darn happy:) Congrats again!

SteveQ said...

Sweet race! Davis had the Superior 25K the week before, so this may not have been his best effort, but nice job challenging him! You may get that course PR yet (though each year, it does get harder).

Gregg said...

Julie: thanks for the kind words. I am happy, but even after all these years I still want to do better! Oh well, that's what keeps us going.

Steve: no kididng, Wynn ran a good race despite the 25K. He is enjoying life on the roads now. I'm not too sure I will go back to that race. It's decent but not great. Maybe back to Fargo Half next year? Maybe I will just stay home and drink beer?

digger carlson said...

Course PR is 52:51 from 2003 (41 years old). It will get harder.

Dan "DIGGER" Carlson