Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flush The Lactate Out

Recovery day. I needed it. My legs felt great yesterday during my long run and this morning they didn't. I ran nice and slow and flushed out the 'crap' from my muscles. Saw a truck Vermilion that is moving way too fast. Someone is going to get killed. On an up note, the birds were singing like no other. A great morning to be slogging along.

Total: 1:02:00 8.1 miles

I considered an extra day of recovery after the 24 on Sunday but during the warm up my legs felt extremely better than yesterday. I gave it the 'ol college try. After a 25 minute warm up I worked into some fartleks of 4X 3:30 at 5K race pace. The first two felt really good. The last two not so much. My IT-bands are tight and are pulling on some other hamstring muscles so I need to get some work done on them soon! I finished the workout with 3 X 40 seconds all out! Considering this workout was so close to my 24 I was pleased.

Total: 1:15:00 11 miles

I had the option of taking the morning off and resting. I didn't do that but I did cut my recovery run down some and I needed that. My legs were really heavy. I got an hour long massage last night to work on the tight IT-bands and hamstrings. That sure felt good. I think the lingering fatigue from my workout, plus the massage gave me some extra lactate to flush out of the muscles this morning and I felt every bit of it.

Total: 50:00 6.5 miles

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Julie said...

So glad to hear that you took a recovery day:) It sounds like you needed it! Woo hoo for the massage! I have a had a few of them after my half marathons and they help me so much. I hope that you are having a nice week:)