Sunday, May 2, 2010


The first 'real' long run in weeks. I wasn't too sure what to expect but I just go into them and take what the run will give me. I had good rest going into the run and woke up nice and early, had a cup of joe for the road and was on the trail just after 0700. After an hour of solo running I hooked up with Jeremy and Chris and together we ran a ninety minute loop, then Chris and I tacked on the final thirty minutes.

My legs felt really good for the most part. The last few miles they didn't feel 'good' but decent and those miles allowed me to remember what the last few miles of a marathon feels like. HEAVY. The muscles in my low abdomen started to fatigue as well as most of my hip flexors and glutes. Sounds like fun heh? Well, I managed to rehydrate and fuel up most of the day and am now feeling quite well. The next two days will tell the story how much this run took out of me.

Totals: 3:02:38 24.1 miles (7:34 pace)

Weeks Total: 82 miles
Years Total: 967 miles

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