Thursday, May 6, 2010

Minute Repeats and Chester

I finally was able to wake up and feel energetic again and ready for some mileage. The 48 hour rule of easy running holds true once again. Thankfully!

I managed to get out on Skyline nice and early and get a thirty minute warm up before heading into my 10 X 1 minute hard. I ran most of the repeats at or under 5:00/mile pace and a few at 4:40 pace. I wanted to know what that pace felt like because that may be a little goal for next weeks race. One more workout to see if that is feasible. At any rate I ended the run with a near five mile warm down.

Total: 1:19:00 12.5 miles
10 X 1 min hard

I almost made this day a zero. What a shame because I had a very enjoyable run and this was one of those days that a person should remember as motivation to get their arse out of bed in the am. For some reason last night I came down with a killer headache and had that feeling of pre-sickness. I hit the fartpit at 930 and when I woke up all systems were a go except I was very tired. I managed to squeak in an extra 45 minutes of rest and then drag myself to the basement to get ready and go bother my trail runner buddy Chris who I knew was doing some running in Chester Bowl. Once I made my way about half way down the west river trail I ran into him and had a nice chat back up and down the east river trail before I let him go solo on the next trip uphill. I didn't want to run too hard given the workout I am going to do tomorrow. I managed to keep the uphill segment going to the ski jump and then one more loop to the bottom and a return trip to Skyline before heading home.
All the sore muscles in my lower abdomen and left hip flexor disappeared like I needed those hills to give them some extra work. Super! I found a cure and didn't even know it. An unexpected great run on a morning that I almost said, "screw it, I'm staying in bed." Don't do it people. Like I always said in the past, just get your feet on the floor and everything else will fall into place.

Total: 1:08:00 8 miles (trails)

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