Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easy Back to Back

I may have mentioned this last season but I will mention it once again. One thing I have learned over the years, especially the last two or three, is to listen to my body after the long, long runs. Once I get up to 24 miles I really have to pay attention to recovery. I had the feeling I would need to take two easy days after the 24 on Sunday but I was willing to hit the hard stuff this morning if my body would let me. My inclinations were correct. Once I had a few miles in me I made the decision to make it another general aerobic run and push the faster stuff until Wednesday. Good decision. My legs thanked me all day. I believe I will be ready to pound out some minute repeats tomorrow and follow up with some longer repeats Friday morning.
The one thing I have to really focus on the next month or so is to keep loose by stretching and performing my leg and hip exercises. They help so much and I can tell when I slack a bit as things bet pretty tight real quick. Here are the last two mornings of easy running.

1:02:20 8 miles

1:01:00 8.1 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Wow, you ran 24 miles the other day!?! Nice work! I am still such a newbie runner that I am learning as I go about recovery. After my half marathons I need one to two days. I am not as conditioned as you and do not have your natural runners instinct:)

My hip gets sore at times...what type of exercises do you do?

If you had the choice to run the Stillwater Half or the Minneapolis Team Ortho Half....what would you choose?

Have a great week Gregg:)

Gregg said...

I do a few stretches and exercises to keep my calves loose. Those I do almost everyday with my history of achilles issues.
The other main ones I am referring to are for my hips and glutes. One legged squats, walking lunges, and I have this large rubber band-like thing I put over my ankles, stand shoulder width apart and walk sideways a few reps while keeping the tension. This works the glutes well. Anything really to keep the hip flexors loose...

I have to ask. Why all the half marathons in such a short window? Out of pure enjoyment? Seriously, If that is it, than fine. But I got to think that at some point the inevitable is going to happen and one the one word that comes to mind is CRASH! I could never do all the half's you have done and keep on going. It sure is fun to read all the PR's that keep coming for you and that may continue for some time, just be ready for the 'flat' period.

If you are still looking for a faster half PR then DON'T go to Stillwater. It is much harder than the Minneapolis, so i've heard, as I haven't done either. I have however, been on parts of the Stillwater course and it can beat you up with all the hills. Just a thought.

I hope this helps and good luck. Keep up the good work and listen to your body.

Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Thanks for your candid honesty:) I have been having a blast these past four weeks! I do feel like I need a break and will have one here for a little bit:) I do not want to crash, experience burn out or have a flat period anytime soon. I am still a new runner with stars in my eyes and loving every minute of it!

Thanks for your advice Gregg...I do appreciate it and respect your opinions! Have a good one:)

Gregg said...

It is very fun and exciting to see new runners blossom and get faster. It's even more exciting from the new runners perspective to have all the PR's coming with each race. I meant every word as a precaution only and in no way would ever try to be negative towards you or any other newer runner looking for advice, so thank you for not taking defense. I just wanted to be very honest of what kinds of things happen, especially when one is running longer distances like the half-marathon. (it can happen to 5k, 10k folks as well)

thanks for checking in on my site and asking for advice. I may not know the answers but often it's just a matter of asking the right people that have "been there, done that".

Best of luck and maybe see you this summer along the paths....

Julie said...

Thanks Gregg! I was hoping to see you at Get in Gear....maybe another race in the near future:) I hope that you have an awesome weekend! I am driving up to Duluth on Sunday. I will be at UMD picking up some of my son's stuff. He is done next week and there is no way his dorm room junk is fitting ino one van trip:)