Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Miles

This week I have been feeling like I have made a jump in fitness and the consistent weeks of running must be paying off. The next week will be a down week for mileage and then back to work for a few more then the slight taper will begin. I say slight because my overall volume will more than likely drop but the intensity will remain and that should give me a better chance to reach the starting line more fresh. Let's hope!

Saturday's run was with a group of six men from Rod's house, all of which I forgot their names but nonetheless it was a nice group to run with. (I haven't done that in years, as our winter running group is usually smaller than that) A combination of roads and trails forming the loop to Hawks Ridge gave me a nice opportunity to get some miles in and remain totally aerobic. Perfect for a Saturday.

Today's run was my longest yet on this build-up and it was great. I ran the first ten miles with Erik going out to Enger Tower and back. After a swap of clothing, a gel, and some gatorade I was off to complete the run with a loop up Howard Gnesen and home via Jean Duluth Road. My legs were getting a bit fatigued near two hours and that was when I opted for the second gel. Looking back, it was a good move as the last forty three minutes were just clicking as my overall pace quickened just a bit. I didn't want to run too fast as that was not the assignment for today's miles. What a feeling! Then, to come home and find out an American won the ING New York City Marathon was the icing on the cake. Six Americans in the top ten. What a great day for running.

group run from Rod's on trails and roads
1:31:54 11 miles (8:22 pace)

two loops, one with Erik, one solo
2:43:29 23 miles (last thirty at 6:30 pace)

Weeks Totals: 83 miles
Years Totals: 2378.6 miles

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