Friday, November 6, 2009

One Last Yasso

Yesterday I did a modified loop from my old Rice Lake Road loop. Remember I posted a while back that a truck zinged me and almost put me in the hospital? Since that morning I have chosen to stop running that stretch of road because one never wins a battle with a high speed truck when one's running. The sad news about this was that an eighteen year old got struck by a CRV on Halloween night on the exact stretch where I was having my run-ins with the cars. Instead of a close call, he got hit and remains in one of the ICU's in critical condition and the driver is in jail held on possible vehicular manslaughter charges. I doubt anything will come of this in regards to repainting the road but damn, I knew it was going to be just a matter of time until something like that was going to happen.

My new loop is pretty nice and much more protected from the traffic. My legs felt super and I was just cruising in the crisp, moon lit, morning air. No surprises or issues and that set me up for a morning of YASSO.

The YASSO workout was my last until the next marathon build-up and that is OK with me. Someone once stated that this workout isn't that hard it just fatigues you with the length of the workout. This workout is very hard and yes it is one hell of a mental workout. Today I was thinking there would be no way I would finish the workout once the fifth interval was run. Wrong! I did finish, and I was very happy with my splits. I had a bit of a time figuring out lane three at the track, as lanes one and two had sheets of ice on them and made it impossible to run near those lanes. I finally found the proper hash marks to read and hit my 800 meter splits.

Here is the last two days and the Yasso:

Thursday: easy running Kenwood.
57:33 7.5 miles

Friday: warm up 32:20 4.2 miles
10 X 800 meters YASSO
*first split was unsure of finish line in lane 3
warm down 14:47 1.8 miles
13.2 miles total

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