Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Insignificant Amount?

Running easy on Wednesday worked out to be a wise decision. My "altered" Wednesday loop is now a bit shorter than the original but I managed to add a small loop once I got to the house to make up the difference. My legs felt like they made the turn and were feeling ready to go for the next day.

This morning was a scheduled true "tempo" run. After an adequate warm up of near twenty five minutes I started to work into the pace with an end point of unknown distance. (the plan called for 5-7 miles and my last tempo was 4.4 miles two weeks ago) The early pace felt great, as my warm up indicated I was ready to make a good go at this workout. Something happened after the second and third mile though. I couldn't put my finger on it then and now just chalk it up to one of those days. The effort got more intense and my pace fell off. I tried to use some internal mechanism to relax my body, easy off on the shoulders, loosen the hip swing and it would last for a minute or two and then I would feel tight again. Repeat cycle over and over to the end. I didn't cut the workout short, which I almost did, and instead turned the workout into a "steady-state/ slow tempo" workout. (splits off by an insignificant amount) What's the difference right? By the way I felt the side stitch I knew was definitely working the right system. In the end I chalked it up to running with tired legs and a subtle virus that has left me a bit fatigued this week. Now I have two easy days of running and one last LONG run for Sunday.

Here is the last two days and the tempo breakdown.

Kenwood/Skyline loop with added time past home.
59:49 8 miles

22:50 2.9 mile warm up
6.3 miles of "tempo" running
5:28 first mile
5:32 for 2.3 miles
5:32 mile
5:30 mile
5:38 mile *up grade w/ stitch
25:12 3 mile warm down

1:22:55 12.2 miles

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