Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I guess I can't complain. There has been no rain, snow or any form of precipitation since Saturday. That's pretty good for this time of year. There has been an extreme amount of frost in the early morning hours until the sun decided to show itself. For the most part the grip has been decent until you run on car tracks. Then you better be prepared to slip as the frost turns to ice very quickly. Enough talk about frost. Boring.

Monday I took the opportunity to run really slow and keep the pace near 8:00/mile for about an hour. My legs were very sore, especially the hip adductors that I strained on Saturday. I made my way and I was hoping it was a good move on my part instead of taking a zero and resting. On Tuesday I found out that I did indeed make a good move and run on Monday. I think it helped loosen up some stiffness and the run was another easy day and I made the decision, much like two weeks ago, to take an extra day of rest after a really long run. By the end of the hour my legs were feeling pretty fluid and I was chalking up another run in the progressive column.

This morning I was to do some fartlek intervals at 5K pace along with a good warm up and warm down. All was feeling well until repeat 9 and 1o. That's where my adductors started to scream a bit and I decided to call it a morning after the tenth repeat. The warm down to the house was slow and I was feeling a little stiffness with my stride. Once I got home and stretched a little I felt great and will welcome tomorrow recovery style run with open arms.

I am at the point in training where any conversation about the marathon gets me butterflies in the stomach and the urge to head out and hammer out a run. I like and dislike this part of a marathon build up because one has to keep things under close monitor and not over do it, but I also must not get stale in my training. Just enough stimulation to keep you busy.

Here are the last three days of running:

50:00 6.5 miles (easy)

1:00:31 8 miles (feeling much better)

10 X 1 minute fartlek repeats at 5K pace
1:19:49 11 miles

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