Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great End To A Tough Week

Yesterday I posted about having tight adductors and having a "less than desirable" run on Friday. Well, I made up for it this morning. I had a kick ass longer run with the last eight miles at marathon pace-ish.

The temperature was near perfect for race simulation. Grey skies and temps hovering near 40F, with no wind. I was dressed a bit too warm during the warm up miles but once I hit my turn around I stripped the pants and jacket and ran in shorts and a long coolmax shirt. Hitting my first split was interesting as I had to actually stop and run back in the woods to retrieve my clothes since some weirdo was watching me and he heading in the woods to see what I had left behind. I ran most of the first mile with a bundle of clothes under my arm until I could find safe stashing, and still managed to hit a 5:52. I felt very comfortable this morning on my MP segment and that left me feeling very optimistic of the potential at CIM in two weeks. Wow! What a feeling.

Here are the splits:
58:29 8.3 mile warm up (7:03 pace)
*8 miles MP
5:05 .7 mile warm down

Total: 1:49:35 17 miles

Weeks Total: 73 miles
Years Total: 2599.1 miles

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