Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stubborn Groins

Since my spill a week ago I have had some residual tightness in the lower abdominal muscles and my right groin continues to be tight. This morning during the warm up my groin was so tight that it was altering my stride a bit. Once things warmed up I was ready to give my fartlek intervals a try. The first repeat felt absolutely horrid. I stopped and stretched a bit and that helped some, but for the most part I wasn't able to run as loose as I wanted and thus had to back off on the effort some. After the run I gave myself some time to do some focus stretching and that seemed to help tons. That will be my main focus for the next week and a half as almost all the work has been done up to this point and now I must keep and even keel and not get sick or injured.

Yesterday's recovery run went very slow and easy. I was quite stiff and low on energy. The morning was balmy and full of fog. Perfect for a Monday....

49:25 6.5 miles

1:12:52 10.2 miles
8 X 1 min. on/off farleks
*supposed to be at 5k pace, not quite there today with the groin.

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