Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Mornings

The last two mornings have been spectacular for northern MN standards. The temps have remained cool, approx. 40F, but that is much better than snow and ice. What's has been great is the clear skies and sunrises I am able to witness once again. Lately I need all the "scenery" I can get because the darkness is moving in and I have been very tired the last couple day's.
Monday I made it through my recovery loop and felt beat up the entire way. That sucks. Tuesday I felt better but by the end of the run I felt tired again. Two weeks ago I felt the same and remained to have a wonderful week of training and I hope to repeat that pattern. Tomorrow will be an easy morning and I may mix a little trail into the morn.

1:03:40 8.2 miles

Out and back on West Skyline. Saw four State troopers surround a deer on Piedmont and shoot it (it had been hit by a car) right in front of me. Shit, that surprised me!
1:37:00 13.3 miles

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