Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mild Fall Temps and Mild Viruses

I'm not too sure what the percentage would be at this point in time but I am sure that all fifty states have the H1N1 virus tearing through on a mission infesting as many individuals as possible. That virus and many other "flu-like" viruses have made their way in and out of our office and my home. Friday I felt like another was trying to break me down. I had a sudden flush in my face and had the burn in the nose, like when you get dunked in water and not expecting it, and I was beginning to feel the fatigue. Damn, the bug had got me once again.

I gave it my all and immediately started my "remedy". A mix of extra strength acetaminophen, mucinex, and wash it down with air-borne water. I repeat this as much as needed, giving at least four hours in between, and in 48 hours I felt much better. I had a little nausea this morning to deal with, but that could have been due to the knowledge of knowing what was to come during my long run. One week closer to Cal International and now all I have to do is maintain and avoid the virus!

Saturday left me feeling down right shitty. I ran an easy loop through Rock Hill trails and did a complete loop on the Chester Creek trails. The pace was as pedestrian as I do when running trails and that didn't seem slow enough. Too many layers was one problem and having done the Yasso workout just twenty four hours earlier had to have something to do with it. I got the mileage done and refueled for the rest of the day.

Sunday was another finish-fast long run. (FFLR) These workouts are almost as nerve racking as the marathon itself. I have done a number of these now and realize that the effort isn't all that hard, it's just fatiguing at very similar efforts as the last 8K of a marathon. By then end of the run my legs feel very similar to the end of a marathon with the exception of recovery. Today, for example, I had run the final eight miles at or near predicted marathon pace and was looking for the finish tape. Within two hours after the run my legs felt great and no soreness to report. (unlike a marathon!) This leaves me very excited for the final four weeks of preparation as I have many important workouts left and will taper only with volume not intensity. Let's keep it rolling!

Here is a breakdown of the weekend.

trails, SLOW 1:12:29 8.2 miles

FFLR 1:51:52 17.1 miles
first 8.7 miles 7:11 pace
8 mile MP:
.4 mile ease down

Weeks Totals: 71 miles
Years Totals: 2449.2

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SteveQ said...

Well, you recovered from the last bout quickly enough! I'm in my sixth week away from running, so I'll be starting from scratch when I do start up again.