Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ease Off

This weeks volume has been reduced a bit but the overall intensity has not changed much. I like that. In the past, the tapers have gone so horrible and I would welcome a different feeling this time around. My right groin, aka hip flexor, has given me as much trouble as I would like to tackle during this sharpening phase. I did manage to see the Chiropractor on Wednesday and that seemed to help a ton! As soon as my sacrum was adjusted the spasm in my right groin settled down. I took it very easy on Thursday and moved the workout to Friday morning. Thursday morning was the Gobble Gallop 5K in Duluth and it was another record attending year. I didn't want to risk damaging my hip flexor any more than what it was, so I chose to be one of the "Turkeys" for the event. I hope to get a photo up soon from the event, but what a different twist to a race. I managed to run with the kids during their run, do most of the one mile race, and about two miles of the 5K. Great times by all!

Wednesday: Easy running in Kenwood area, Chester Bowl, and UMD. Groin was tight.
50:34 6.5 miles

Thursday: Turkey Mascot day at 5K
~3 miles total

Friday: Tempo Interval workout
21:04 warm up
3 X 8 minutes at tempo pace (3 recov)
5:32, 5:36, 5:41 paces respectively
23:18 warm down
1:14:30 10.7 miles

Easy running on light trails. (ie: no rocks, or mud)
Sunny and cool.
52:10 6.5+ miles

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