Sunday, November 15, 2009

Test of Will

I didn't want my last real "long" run to be that. But I had no choice and it truly was a test of will. The run consisted of two loops from our house. The first was thirteen miles and the second near ten. For the first loop I used my IPOD with the purpose of distraction from all the discomfort I was feeling. It didn't work. Once I got to the house for the second loop I ripped those earphones out of my ears. No more of that! The second loop felt just like the first. I did as much concentration on a long run as I ever have. The good news, which I was able to pick out of the run after, was that my energy and legs actually felt very good, and if it wasn't for the other trouble I would have had an absolute wonderful run.

The problem I write about is one that I developed yesterday. On Saturday's I usually use the local trails to get off the pavement and allow my legs a little more recovery by running slow for near ninety minutes. Leaving the house under a constant drizzle should have been a major red flag. My goal was to run one complete loop in Hartley and one in Rock Hill. First was Hartley. Upon entering the single track just off the main trail I said to myself outloud, "what the hell am I doing running on wet, muddy, rutty, single track three weeks before a marathon?" I answered myself with a , " I'll just take it slow." So the run was going just fine and I was running slow. My legs were feeling great and I was over half way through the trail. I knew a small creek crossing was coming up and I wanted to ready myself for a quick splash and take a couple steps in the water to help wash off my shoes. As I was getting ready to pick my line to avoid any large boulders hiding in the creek I hit a beveled bank of mud and quicker than I realized I was fighting to stay on my feet. My left foot slid out from me sideways and the right soon followed and down I went on my right hip. ****! was my first word! It often is when things like this happen. I felt my left groin pull the most, and the right didn't feel much better. I started a very slow jog and knew something wasn't right. My low back started to cease up and soon I had all I could just to get out of the woods and home to a warm shower and dry clothes. I didn't want to do any stretching on freshly injured tissue so I just took the warm shower and loaded up the family to hit the movies! We saw MJ's, This Is It! Great show!!

The run this morning was all about keeping the groin muscles at ease and not to hurt them any further. I find it interesting that I could run long today, it just didn't feel all that great. I felt like I had done too many strength training exercises rather than a full blow injury. Let's hope it heal quick, as I have written off Hartly until after the marathon.

Here is how my weekend went.

easy running. felt tired at home. almost took a zero.
6 miles

Wet, muddy, rutty Hartley trails. Complete loop. Fell*
1:03:34 6.7 miles

Last real long effort. Same run as two weeks ago.
2:41:07 23 miles

Weeks Totals: 77 miles
Years Totals: 2526.6

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