Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coons, Skunks and 1000's in Tights

Yesterday I woke up after spending the evening doing some good stretches and ball exercises in attempt to get my right hip flexors and glutes loose. They have been getting progressively tight in the past weeks since the 25K. As I left for my run I didn't know if it would be one mile or eight miles. In the end I split the difference and called it safe at just over five. I actually felt very good post run and finished feeling good that I made the decision to take an extremely easy day. Within the first two miles of the run I spooked a raccoon and he blasted right in front of me and scurried up a tree. Less than two hundred meters later I saw some movement in the distance of my headlamp glow and sure enough it was a skunk making it's way across the road in attempts to make it to some cover. No spray. Wow.

This morning was another cool morning and that makes it four days in a row of running in tights. It's too soon...
The plan called for an easy warm up and then head to the track for 1000's at "cruise interval" pace, which for me is roughly 5:20/mile pace. I managed to run them feeling pretty comfortable despite the winds. I ended the session with a couple of 200's. Overall, I felt very good about this workout and now look forward to some longer stuff this weekend.

Wednesday: 5.13 miles 38:15 easy running

Thursday: 10.3 miles 1:15:19
6X1000 meters: 3:26,3:20,3:18,3:20,3:17,3:16
2X200 meters: 34, 32
warm up and warm down in rock hill.

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