Friday, October 9, 2009

It's A Race!

For those Jim Carey fans out there like me, anyone remember the scene in Pet Detective when Ace is trying to figure out if all the football players have the stones in their ring to determine who stole Snowflake? The scene when he is chasing one of the guys on the track? Yes, some dude did that to me on the track at 6 am while I was doing intervals. I almost had to stop because I was getting ready to laugh so hard. Only thing is, I think he was half serious. It was either one of the ROTC or basketball players out during their morning workouts. I attempted to include a small clip from the movie HERE.

Thursday was a nice, cool morning at the UMD track where I proceeded to do 4 X 2000 meters with 2:30 rest. Medium-hard was the desired speed, and with the gales picking up once again that made it a bit difficult to gauge but I settled in pretty close to 5:30 per mile pace. My legs are really starting to adapt to this faster training and I can tell I am getting stronger.
Friday was an easy hour in Hunter's Park neighborhood.

Thursday: 1:18:52 10.8 miles
3 mile warm up
repeats: 6:54,6:51,6:45,6:47
2.3 mile warm down

Friday: 58:18 7.7 miles (easy)

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