Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back At It!

The sickness got me and it forced me a day home on the couch. Ouch! I managed to kick it pretty quick and the last two days have gone well.
This morning I managed to nail a pretty decent Tempo workout and I was a bit concerned that I ran too hard too soon but so far today I have felt quite good. Tomorrow will be another easy hour or so and I am looking forward to the two weekend runs in Michigan.
51:31:1, 01T

Easy loop in the rain: 54:32 7.3 miles

Tempo workout
~3 mile warm up
4.4 miles (23:28) Tempo
first 3.4 miles 5:22 pace, last mile 5:28
~3 mile warm down
10.4 miles 1:10:30

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