Sunday, October 25, 2009

End The Week Quick

The virus I had been battling most of the week was only brutal for a couple of days then it tapered off rather quickly which was nice. I remain to have extra "snot rockets" but that seems to be par for the virus.

I managed to keep running during the week but had to take the intensity down until today. I did my first "finish fast" long run. With these types of runs it is goal to finish the last 6-8 miles at goal marathon pace and to "practice" all the other extra race day items such as fluid intake, gels, shoes, etc... Today's run went as well as I had wished and actually I finished feeling like the effort was very easy. (kinda nice at this point)

Here is how the week finished out and the details of Sunday's long run:

Friday: Easy out and back on west Skyline and then added a loop in Rock hill.
1:14:10 10 miles

Saturday: Trails at the Porkies in Michigan with my wife Kari.
~54:00 6.5 miles

Sunday: Finish Fast Long Run
first 10 miles 1:11:46 (7:11 pace)
last 6 miles at MP
total: 1:46:48 16 miles
* had to stop and get aide

Weeks Totals:68.2 miles
Years Totals: 2295.7 miles


tom-o said...

you are ready to roll...

SteveQ said...

Count your blessings - I'm told it'll be weeks before I'm running again.

Gregg said...

i'm sure you meant no "pun" but check out my monday's run... i am never ready to "roll"

good luck... the sickness is hanging tough on many people.