Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I wished I had my heart rate monitor on this morning. As I described a couple of weeks ago, my Wednesday route is freshly paved and back then I got zinged by a couple of cars and I put the blame on the lack of paint lines on the road. Now the paint is laid down and I nearly got flattened this morning by some ass driving a truck. Within seconds of that truck passing me I had this overall feeling of rage and I could feel my pulse rising along with my blood pressure. ( i guess this is called an adrenaline rush) Mind you I am wearing a super bright headlamp and reflective clothing, so I know he saw me, so I gave this guy the best middle finger, "eff" you I could but then realized that I had camouflage gloves on. Damn, he probably didn't see it! For some reason, the paced picked up after this episode and I felt awesome the rest of the way home. I kept asking myself, "why would someone do that? what satisfaction do they get from such a stupid move. I could have died and he would have "manslaughter" pasted next to his name in the paper the next day. What a shit head." I am still pissed!

So I digress and will fill you in on the first part of my week.
Monday was a nice morning of easy running up to Martin road and a short UMD loop. Good for eight miles.
Tuesday was short fartlek interval day. I like to run these workouts on west skyline as an out and back. Considering that I ran near 18 on Sunday, that workout went pretty well. Most of the one minute intervals were at 5K pace along with a thirty minute warmup and warmdown.
As an added bonus I got a full body massage Tuesday night and a chiropractor adjustment this morning. Hopefully that will aid in eliminating most of the nagging back and hamstring aches.

Monday: 1:00:24 8 miles

Tuesday: 1:24:32 12.1 miles
30 minute warm up
11 X 1 min. @ 5K pace, (1min recov)
30 minute warm down

Wednesday: 59:09 8.1 miles


SteveQ said...

I once woke up in an ER with road rash, so got blindsided while running - it's not pretty. With close calls, I always assume that the driver got distracted and didn't notice me, no matter how hard that seems to be. What gets me is guys who throw things out the window at you as they go by - once in a while, I guy can compensate for speed and wind and actually hit a runner - which means they've practiced!

Gregg said...

Steve, that is mighty "big" of you to assume they got distracted. I guess I will try to give them the benefit of doubt but it sure hard to when you take out all the stops to become "visible" with reflective clothing and a fricken HEADLAMP! I guess it is never a good idea to play Chicken with an automobile.