Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Down For The Count/ Mid-Week Wrap

Monday morning was my usual easy hour or so and I was feeling great. The way I felt was reassuring that I didn't press too hard on Sunday's long run. It was during the 31st minute and bam! Down I went. I had hit a broken piece of asphalt on Martin road and my ankle took one hell of a twist and because of the drop in the shoulder I went down for the count. My immediate reaction was, "oh shit! I broke my ankle." I didn't and really I have sprained my ankles much worse back in the high school basketball day's. After a minute or so of walking things calmed down and I was able to run and complete the loop. On Tuesday it was a bit stiff but it didn't hinder my running at all. Super!

Tuesday's medium distance took me out west on Skyline and back. My legs, hip flexors to be exact, and mid back were sore from yesterday's tumble. Man, it's starting to really hurt when I fall. Not like when you're twenty.

This morning I had a return of a bad case of heartburn and it caused me to cut the loop short. That's OK as it will provide a bit more recovery for tomorrow's workout.

Here is the skinny on the runs.

Monday: Martin road loop; 1:04:00 8.2 miles

Tuesday: Out and back Skyline 1:41:00 14 miles

Wednesday: Kenwood and Skyline; 57:11 7.5 miles
* reflux/heartburn am

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