Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Fall! Apples Everywhere

The last three day's of running have been nothing too special. Basic aerobic running of varied lengths. Friday mornings run was in a slight drizzle and winds again. I ran easy and my legs were thanking me later in the day. Saturday was a trail run down Amity creek trails and home via Hawks Ridge and SHT. A good run with Rod. After the run Kari made her way out for a jaunt and then we packed up the Sienna and made our way to Bayfield, Wisconsin. Home of the great Applefest! We spent Saturday visiting with family and didn't make down to the festivities but instead gambled with the weather and made our attempt for Sunday and boy was it worth it. No rain, a little sun shine through the clouds, and temps near 50F. Not too bad given the weather we have had all week. I managed to replenish the calories I burned during my morning long run along county highway C. Here is the last three days:

Friday: 8 miles 1:00:19

Saturday: 8.6 miles 1:06:45 (trails)

Sunday: 17.5 miles 2:03:21

Weeks Totals: 68.5 miles
Years Totals: 2082.2 miles


Don said...

My sweeties and I are getting up to Duluth fairly often these days - visiting my parents. Haven't had a chance to run yet, but probably will.

The Riverwalk looks to be complete now from Canal Park clear out to 47th Ave E - I'd love to run that.

Gregg said...

That sounds good! Glad to hear you are in the area. I will keep my eyes out for you on the weekends.
The Lakewalk extension is out to 47th and it sure gives that whole area new feel. Soon we will have a dedicated route right from canal park to lester river. That will be really nice in the winter as the sidewalks along London Road get neglected and running on the shoulder is kinda scary at that time of the year.