Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Return of YASSO

First I will catch up the rest of the week. It has a been a challenging week as far as fighting the virus's and bugs at work and home. Many of my work partners have been sick and in/out of work. My son has had a "head cold" since last weekend, and now my wife has joined him. I too had some form of virus that hit me like a locomotive on Wednesday mid day at work. I was overcome by extreme fatigue, headache, chills and that was enough for me to take an early exit out of work and home a couple of hours early and right to bed. I slept for two or three extra hours and by late evening the fever broke and I was already feeling better. Thursday I was feeling surprisingly better but out of caution I didn't run and in hind sight that was a good decision on my part. From a running standpoint I have been feeling very good. My legs recovered well from the long run last Sunday and I would have been ready for my workout on Thursday but put it off until this morning. Another good decision.

After some easy running yesterday on the roads and a small loop in Rock Hill I was ready to bust out the YASSO workout this morning. Truthfully told, I was not fired up this morning to do this workout since it was still 34F and a slight wind out on the track. After a nice warm up I made my way on to the track and did a few striders and stretches and worked into the first 800. This workout is such a mental challenge that you really have to keep pressing on and pay attention to how your body is actually responding, and not to listen to all the negative thoughts running through your mind. After the third repeat my initial thought was, "there is no way I can keep this up for seven more!" I quickly snuffed out those negative thoughts and told myself to focus on one repeat at a time and when my times start falling off by more than three seconds I will then consider ending the workout. Well, that never happened and I finished the workout very happy! I was fricken cold out there and my hands froze once again, and my low calves were getting pretty tight during the last three repeats so I finished out the day with a total of 8 repeats.

Here is the weeks summary and the YASSO summary as well.

I did the Rice Lake Road loop and this time I didn't get zinged by any cars or trucks. Believe me, I was looking for one truck in particular and was ready to jump the curb if needed. Good thing, I didn't to worry about that. I may delete this run from my routine since they made the "bike" lane so narrow. Half of what is once was. Duluth doesn't know it's head from it's ass when it comes to bike traffic. Terrible design on that stretch of road.
1:00:23 8.2 miles

O miles after last nights virus hit me

I wanted to play it safe and run another low-intensity workout and keep the HR down. I managed to do that and ran the Martin road loop and then added a short Rock Hill loop just to get some extra mileage. A very good morning of running.
1:17:38 10 miles

YASSO workout on umd track. cold, windy, ice in the first lane. yah, lots of fun!
4.2 mile warm up, 8X800 repeats
2.9 mile warm down
1:35:17 12.5 miles

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