Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stamina Workout

This morning I had the option of a couple types of workouts to choose from and I chose the "stamina" workout. I figure that for this week, since my long run will be basic mileage I would benefit from this workout more than the other options. I had a decent morning to run, no rain, rather warm and light breeze present.
Once I warmed up for three miles I worked into the first repeat and noticed the wind was just a bit more than I thought and the second mile of the interval had some rolling hills. Very slight, but when you are doing pace workouts they seem to be greater than when just doing aerobic pace. I was pleasantly surprised to see the split and at the end of the workout I finished feeling quite happy yet pistol-whipped. Kind of a happy medium.

Here is how the workout looked:
3 mile warm up
3 X 2 miles at Tempo pace. (5:15-5:25)
splits: 11:00, 10:51, 10:57
*not quite the splits from the chart but that is all I could muster this morning and I feel like that is OK. My legs were a bit tired going into the workout and I am surprised I could hold the pace I did.
3 mile warm down.

Total: 12 miles

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