Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wascly Wabbits Everywhere

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Superior as I headed west on Skyline kept the skies glowing as I did my warm up prior to the fartlek intervals.
The plan was to do 10 X 1 min at 5K pace or just a bit faster. Accomplished, but leaving my legs a bit flat during the warm down. It may be the two day lag after the sixteen I did on Sunday, but it doesn't matter as long as I get some good recovery over the next twenty four hours.

Totals: 1:20:13 12 miles (1 min. fartleks)

Easy run up Woodland and home via Vermilion. Tons of rabbits at about a rate of one per quarter mile. Crazy... bring back the Owls!

Totals: 56:44 7.6 miles

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Charlie Farrow said...

Bravo Greg...Leave the running life before itz too late and follow the light. I'll sell ya a steel bike for cheap to get you started.
ps First running, then tri-athalons, then leaving on the streets...