Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid-Week 100's

As I made my way out the door the dark skies reminded that headlamp season is just around the corner. I usually wear a LCD headlamp during fall, winter and spring seasons on my morning runs just so cars can see me. I am not worried about seeing where I am going, it's just an attempt to wake up the morning commuters.

After an easy warm up I made my way to the UMD track to complete twelve laps with the straights at/or faster than 5K pace. I must be gaining some speed in my legs as I notice the paces have gotten much quicker, even if it's only 100 meters, I am cruising at a much faster pace for the short distance than when I first started these workouts. I hope it equates into a decent race later this fall.

Totals: warm up, track, warm down: 10.5 miles

I made sure the pace was easy this morning and I cut the loop by a mile. Yesterday's long run felt good and I wanted to make sure my legs would recover adequately. By the end of the loop I was beginning to feel pretty loose. Mission accomplished.

Total: 51:00 6.6 miles

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