Monday, August 17, 2009

"I Would Have Won..."

I missed my long run yesterday. I was going to take my losses and just start a new week, but instead, my wife suggested doing my long run today and just adjust the rest of the week. Thank you honey. The way I felt running today, I would have won the race. I don't know which race, but I would have won, that's how good I felt. (we've all had those rare days)

I grew up ten miles from Michigans largest state park, The Porcupine Mountains, and I have always wanted to say that I have run from my parents house to the top of Lake of the Clouds, which is the parks second highest point. After doing some quick math in my head and realizing that this could be a great day for the attempt I readied myself and down the highway I went until the trailhead appeared some thirteen miles and three miles into the park system. It's at this point where the trail takes a serious climb to the first peak, just a quick .7 miles up the trail. In years past I have guaged my fitness level with this climb, but never being thirteen miles into a run. The crest of the peak soon appeared with me breathing at a three to one ratio, and with me wondering if my lack of breakfast would soon be causing me to slow to a walk for the distance remaining. Not the case, as I quickly gained my breath back and the rest of the trail would greet me with sunshine peaks and shaded, hardwood valley's.

At the end I found my dad waiting at the end trailhead and I finally accomplished one small goal that has been collecting dust. Thirty nine years, and that just shows to never let the those childhood thoughts go too far in the memory bank.

Totals: 2:19:40 17.9 miles
(last 4 miles at 10:30 pace on escarpment trail)

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