Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fresh Mornings

After a cemetery loop warm up I made my way to the UMD track and proceeded to do twelve laps with the 100 meter straights at 5K down to mile paces. (last week I screwed up this workout and did ten repeats, not ten laps) I am slowly beginning to believe that I will have some quickness in my legs some day soon as these workouts are starting to feel pretty good. No pains to report.
4 mile warm up, 3 miles repeats, 3 mile warm down.

Totals: 1:11:30 10.2 miles

After running yesterday evening I was wondering how the legs would feel this morning with less than twelve hours of time between. Both runs were easy and the morning miles went very well as I stuck to the roads and did my longer Vermilion road loop. Towards the end I saw one of these cross my path. This was a first for me during my morning runs. I saw them a lot living back in Michigan but I haven't seen many as of late.
My legs feel ready for tomorrow's quicker repeats.

Totals: 56:43 7.6 miles

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