Thursday, August 27, 2009

Judgement Call

This is usually the morning for steady state running, but I made a judgement call and opted for another recovery day and hit the Martin Road loop for an easy hour. By the end of the loop I was feeling pretty good, and extremely happy I made the call to put off the workout for another day. That may have been just what I needed, besides I am concentrating on some decent calories over the last forty eight hours and that may have helped as well.

Totals: 59:00 8 miles

Easy running on the Rice Lake Road loop. My legs felt like total shit. Not sure what to do? I am not running anything major, just trying to step up the volume and not able to.
I have been sleeping over seven hours a night and feel like I am major tired in the morning. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Totals: 1:00:02 8.1 miles

My legs were not feeling the best but I figured I would give the speed work session a try. After the first couple of repeats I was feeling a bit better.
I did 10 repeats of 1 min. at 5:00 pace followed by 1 min. of jogging.

Totals: 1:24:00 12.2 miles

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