Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advantage: Humidity

Once again the plan called for six miles at 'steady-state' with the total mileage near 10 or 11. Just like last week and the weeks prior I made my way to the quiet streets of Lakeside and hit my paces as best as I could. Steady state is an interesting level of stress. It's not quite "tempo" or "lactate" pace but damn near. For me the difference is about 15 seconds per mile.
With no complaining coming from my mouth, the humidity got the best of my efforts today. The last two miles of the up tempo segment are always a little slow because of the grade of the road and today's ending splits were quite a bit off, but no worries as I did manage to keep the HR up and at times I was pushing a bit too much based on effort. Even with the slow down at the end I am optimistic that the workout was successful.
Here is a breakdown:
2.5 mile warm up
6 miles 'steady-state' 5:34, 5:38, 5:41, 5:38, 5:53, 5:54
2 mile warm down (crawl)
HR's for steady state: 156-158 bpm

1:11:00 10.5 miles

I can now call this my staple mid-week recovery run. I have run the course several weeks now and I really like adding this loop to my week.
No special sightings or events, just easy running.

Total: 57:42 8 miles

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Kurt said...

Thanks man for the great text !! I will have fun !!!