Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Challenge

It's really not a new challenge but one that I have been ignoring and needs attention STAT! I'm referring to my piriformis/hamstring issues. I will be getting a bit more diligent and performing my hip/lower leg exercises at least three times a week in hopes to rid any weaknesses I have. It's a must or my next marathon will be a bust!

This morning I ran out Woodland and felt the muscles I have mentioned above become very fatigued. They don't hurt, just fatigued. Stretching afterwards feels great, but no cure by any standard. Once I get those muscles back in order I will be able to fly! My legs are feeling very recovered and ready to start hitting some volume and workouts again.

Yesterday I stayed in bed to gain a little extra sleep and one day of rest this week.

Wednesday: 0 miles

Thursday: 1:03:00 9 miles

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