Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paid To Run

Elite athletes get paid to run. The best are millionaires. Hailie Gebrselassie to name one. At times I wish I had been good enough to be "elite" in our sport. Getting paid to do one of things I love the most would have been great. Well, I have figured out a way to scratch the itch.

This morning I got paid to run. Many mornings I do. This morning I found three dimes within 100 meters and I did indeed stop and pick all three of them up. This is not uncommon for me to do. Often in a group long run I will stop to pick up pennies, nickles, quarters but for some reason I haven't been so lucky with dimes. Looks like my luck is a changin' and I'm off to making some serious money.

The run took me out to Skyline under perfectly clear skies and cool temperatures in the middle 40'sF. That's even cool for Duluth standards. My legs are beginning to respond to the daily pound and I once again added 5 or 6 30 second bursts just to wake them up. It felt good. After the run I did a set of lower leg exercises. I need to improve my overall core strength and hips/glutes for sure.

Have a great day!

Total: 50:30 7.13 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Very funny! I thought that you were going to announce some huge running contract that you just picked up:) Just remember, all of those dimes will eventually turn in to dollars!

It was cooler here yesterday too. I totally welcomed it after the blast of heat that we had. I enjoy running in the cooler weather:)

In August we will be coming up to your neck of the woods. We are staying at the Larsmont Cottages again! We love that place:)

I hope that you have a lovely week Gregg:)

Chad said...

"luck is a changin'"

Pun intended?