Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wet Weekend

I managed to to get out early on Saturday and run a decent loop on the roads. The trails were wet from the rain and I didn't want to slip and pull any more muscles. I am not feeling the best on my easy runs. I actually feel better on the faster, harder days. The only thing that remains a concern is the hips/glutes. Hopefully with the drop in volume over the next two weeks all this will come together just right. That is always the hope though, isn't it?
Total: 58:50 8+ miles

We were camping over the weekend while we attended my nieces high school graduation. I had one more semi-serious longer effort and I couldn't feel like I could miss it. So, I rousted myself from the warm bed in our camper and hit the roads by 0630 to perform a 14-16 miler with the last 5 or so miles at marathon pace. The trouble was the running routes are nill at best. I managed to find a nice country road that I was familiar with and ended my faster miles on highway 13. The drizzle was minimal but present and I was hesitant of starting the MP miles but once I did I felt amazing.
Five miles total at 5:53 pace and I could have pressed harder but didn't. The run was on the shorter side but I was happy with the effort.

Total: 1:38:00 14+ miles
5 miles at MP (5:53)

Weeks Total: 61 miles
Years Total: 1313.1 miles

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