Sunday, June 27, 2010

The One Week Cure

First off, to finish some totals for last week, along with the marathon I managed to log 55.6 miles for the week.
That brings my yearly Total to = 1420.4 miles

This past week was one of the usual post-marathon. I like to take most days off, maybe hike if I feel up to it, but for the most part I enjoy taking a nice mental break from running and give myself some time to reflect and allow the "wounds" to heal. It works quite well.

I was feeling very good by Wednesday and I entertained the idea of heading out for a half hour or so but resisted the urge and stayed home to drink coffee and read the paper. Thursday was much the same and while it was my work "friday", I was off to Michigan to visit the family, I knew that while vacationing my wife and I would sneak out to do a couple easy runs. Friday morning we set out for a road loop and we both struggled. Humid conditions along with a little sleep depravation made the hour feel like I was pounding down London road once again at mile 20. We kept the pace easy but my legs were very happy to see the end of our workout.

Saturday morning was a bit cooler, less humid and we took advantage of it making our way to the trails in Porcupine Mountain State Park. Running trails were so much nicer and we both felt uplifted to run where we felt natural. Keeping the run at just under an hour made my legs feel decent and I could tell that the muscles are making an effort at becoming fully recovered.

Sunday was a beautiful morning but one filled with coffee and treats. The night was a late one and I just didn't have it in me to head out to the trails again. The next week will be the true start at gaining my momentum for the summer and fall racing season.

Mon-Thursday: 0 miles

Friday: 1:00:00 road run with Kari
Saturday: 51:00 trails with Kari
Sunday: 0 miles

Total: 15 miles easy
Years Total: 1435.4 miles

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