Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Never Fails

The taper. So many things can go wrong. Often it does. My taper went fairly well prior to Cal International in December and this taper seemed to be following. Until yesterday. I was at work and started to feel the burn in the nose and a sinus headache coming on strong. All my co-workers have had a virus on and off for a few weeks and I was working overtime to avoid any bugs entering my system. It worked so far and I am not about to give up without a fight. Lot's of vitamins, juice, aireborne, and water. It's working and I think I will be able to skate this one out. Because of this I ran easy Monday and this morning. One last effort tomorrow morning then a little rest before toeing the line Saturday morning.

It's so hard avoiding marathon fever when the race is in your backyard. When you travel to the race it can be easy to stick to yourself and not do a lot of marathon talk. Not in Duluth! Everywhere you go people are buzzing about the marathon. Most common question. What race are you doing? I read articles in the paper every morning, see posters and signs, and flags on the street lights to remind me that the race will be here and gone before I know it. So here is to a wonderful race, may all of us have PR's and glory to discuss once we cross the finish line.

Monday: 50:00 6.6 miles easy

Tuesday: 33:00 4 miles on treadmill easy.
(feeling a slight sinus cold)


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Enjoy these last few days before the race:) Hopefully I will get to see you finish! Good luck to you Gregg!

Gregg said...

Thanks Julie, best of luck to you as well. Have fun and save a little energy for London Road/Superior street. That is where all the action takes place...

Dave Schuneman said...

Hey Gregg, it's looking like we might get a fair chance at the weather this time and you're on great form too. I'll be lookin' for the guy two fisting near a tent, eh? Make your own road construction out there!