Friday, June 18, 2010

This Is It

This is what I have been waiting for. The marathon buzz, the newspaper articles, seeing runners everywhere, having near constant queeze in the stomach. Believe it or not this is why I get up every morning at 4:45 am and have for the last 6 months prior to tomorrow to train for Grandma's Marathon.

The week has gone about as well as I could have wished. My legs have really responded to the taper and I am feeling light and fast. I got a nice message from a close friend yesterday and it made a very solid point. Go out to the race and run as hard as I can for as long as I can and don't worry about others or conditions. It sounds simple. It is really. There are a lot of variables that are out there and for the most part, as long as you as a runner make it to the starting line healthy, the variables that may exist you can't control anyway, so why worry? My mind is in a happy place and I have to let my body respond. Fight to the end!!

As for the last part of this week it was rather simple and boring but here it is.

Wednesday: I made it out to the track after a little warm up and did 4 X 1000 meters at a medium-hard pace along with some easy 100's and 200's. My legs felt pretty good, but the last two intervals surprised me as I thought I was running even paces and I sped up considerably without change in effort. I guess that is a good thing?
20+ minutes warm up
4X1000 meters
3:19, 3:20, 3:16, 3:13
200 meter, 100, 100
20+ minutes warm down

8.8 miles total

Easy out on Skyline. Out and back with a few striders on the track.
35:00 5 miles

I got to run a short loop with an old running buddy Pat Russell. He and I did a short loop up Woodland and then a few 100 meter striders on the track. Nice to catch up with PR, it has been some time.
Legs are ready to rock!!
38:00 5 miles


Julie said...

Cheers to legs that are ready to rock! Good luck Gregg! We are heading out in a few minutes:) Maybe I will see you there. On race day I am wearing a hot pink racing singlet and black shorts...say hi if you see me:)

翊芷 said...
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