Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taking It Easy Post LONG Run

Memorial Day. What a wonderful day in Duluth. Sunny skies and little breeze. I did a little trail maintenance near Rock Hill and then ventured into the trails for my recovery run. The guardrail loop in Hartley was calling my name and didn't disappoint. I managed to do the loop nice and easy and had my legs start to fatigue after 45 minutes or so.
Later in the afternoon, the family and myself went to one of the western trailheads of the SHT and walked along Kingsbury Creek for about 40 minutes. That walk helped flush a bit more 'junk' out of my legs. Overall a great day!

Total: 1:01:00 6.6 miles trails
easy 40:00 walk on trails pm

Still feeling the effects of the long run on Sunday. Another recovery day needed and I was willing to allow it. I ran a road loop that found my legs tired. By the end of the loop things were improving and feeling just a bit more fluid, yet tired.
I need to figure out the glute-thing. I think it is an old piriformis issue from years past. First I will spend a few days on focus stretching then start a few easy strength exercises. I don't want to add too much in regards to new exercises just three weeks out from the marathon. Bottom line though, I need to loosen the area and get it stronger or the race is going to find my weak spot. I felt it fatigue on my long run Sunday and that is way off the effort I will be attempting on June 19th.

Total: 1:02:00 8 miles

Out and back on a sunny Skyline Blvd. I had the luxury of using one of the biffies at a construction site TWICE. Once on the way out during my warm up and then on the warm down. Good thing it was there, as the rest of my surroundings were cars and buildings.
I was supposed to do a small segment of uptempo fartleks of 1 min hard, 1 min easy X 10-12. By the 6th repeat I was starting to feel the quads tighten up and scream "not ready". I managed to adjust things and make the workout last through 9 repeats. The warm down went well but I still have some overall soreness in the hips/ hip flexors and upper hamstrings. Damn, I need to get rid of these aches and pains. It sure will be nice when I get those light, frisky legs back. Hopefully next week.

Total: 1:18:00 10.8 miles

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Wow, I think you are doing so well for running a marathon distance just a few days ago! Way to get out there are get rid of some of the junk that got built up in your legs. I hate that...grrr...I hate that feeling of aches, pains and soreness. It sounds like you are on your way to recovering nicely:)