Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Snap

The schedule this morning called for a little cruise interval training. I decided to make it a longer road fartlek-style just to avoid the track and it worked out well. I borrowed a road loop my buddy Chris has been using and it didn't disappoint.

After a twenty minute warm up I started to work into my first interval of 8 minutes. The pace on the roads was labeled as "medium-hard". So instead of staring at the GPS for pace I did an effort-based workout. Towards the end of the first interval I was starting to feel a little snap come back to the legs, something I have failed to feel in the previous month. The second and third interval went well and I felt like I had a good morning of uptempo running completed.

Here are the mornings details:
20 minute warm up
3 X 8 min. interval with 3 recovery
8 minutes= 5:43/mile pace
8minutes= 5:34/mile pace
8 minutes= 5:39/mile pace
3 X 30 seconds hard with 30 rest
20 minute recovery

Total: 1:10:00 10.5 miles

1 comment:

Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I am just getting caught up on your last few posts:) You are still doing some pretty hard core workouts! It is so hard to believe that Grandma's is next weekend. I am getting excited and hope that the weather cooperates:)

Enjoy your weekend!