Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time To Settle

I had a slow, easy morning that was filled with visiting and coffee with the family before packing the camper and heading back to Duluth. A gorgeous day and I decided on a day of rest once I got home and was faced with a fair amount of chores around the house.
Total: 0 miles

Back on the roads for some 5K pace fartleks of one minute with one minute rest. I like these workouts because it makes the legs turn over but not too long or intense. With the usual half hour of warm up and warm down I had a nice morning of running but the hips sure are tight. WTF! Time to start to settle down and not let this taper thing go to my head. The other issue I have been wrestling with is my shoe choice for the race. I have it narrowed down to two pair and I will make the last minute decision after this weekends medium long effort. It's crazy how all the little things are not going as smooth as they did prior to Cal International. I guess that is just another point of wonder when it comes to the marathon.

Total: 1:18:00 10.5 miles
10 X 1 min. at 5K pace (5:05's)

This morning I was feeling a bit better and just a bit more fluid. Things may just be starting to come around. I am really keeping busy with the stretches of my calves, hips and glutes. I hope this works.
Nothing special this morning. Just a nice hour loop with three 100 meter striders on the track before going home.

Total: 58:00 8 miles easy

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